19/9/2011 – 14/12/2023

This is what Aristotle originally wrote when asked to describe himself.

Hi, I still think of myself as the baby of the family. Shadow is my mum. I was supposed to go off to another home, but I was the runt of the litter and needed a lot of looking after. I fell in love with our Mistress and she fell in love with me. It was one of those things. I got to stay and everyone was happy. Alfie was my companion and mentor. He’s a great role model. Sadly like Alfie I can’t be a stud dog so I get to be a pet.

Since Wilma arrived I’m not technically the baby but being born here sort of made it all different. Life is good. I am probably the spoilt one in the family and I know how to twist the humans round my paw.

I’m quite an undemanding dog, although I do have a tendency to eat anything left lying around. I’m pretty good at standing on my back legs so I can easily reach things off the table if I’m given the opportunity. I did eat the contents of my Mistress’s handbag on one occasion and I have to say that didn’t go down very well – for me or for her!

Needless to say, we miss him very much and were privileged to be part of his pack.