Alfie was the start of our love affair. Sadly he is no longer with us, but this is how he described himself:

Alfie: I’d have liked to have been a stud dog, but you know how it goes. I didn’t make the grade. “Health reasons” they said, but to be honest I think they were just being killjoys. 

I became a writer instead and got my own back on the rest of the family by writing about their antics. 

For the record, my full name is Einstein van de Tiendenschuur and I was born in Belgium in November 2005. My mum was Anka vom Bogenthal and my dad was Elio vom Shärlig. Sadly they are no longer with us, but remembered with much love. Dad lived in Switzerland and Mum lived in Belgium. It’s hard for a puppy to take, but they preferred to live apart. I never even met Dad, though we wrote to each other occasionally and my human met him.

I had quite a few half brothers and sisters working as everything from cattle herders to disaster rescue dogs and of course pets. You can’t underestimate the importance of being a pet.

Alfie and his mum Anka

Alfie died on March 17th 2020 and is sadly missed. You can still follow his diary as he handed the reins over to Wilma, feel free to drop by.