I’m Wilma, I’m the youngest in the household and had hoped to take over breeding from Shadow. Unfortunately I have a heart murmur and although I’m off to see a specialist our rules say no dog with a heart murmur can breed, so I guess that’s that. My breeder called me ‘Wild Wilma’ but I don’t think that’s altogether fair. Ok, so I worked out how to dismantle the crate in my new home in five minutes flat, can clear the dog gates and am told I’m too bright for my own good, but I’m not wild. I’m easy to find. Wherever my human is that is where I will be. She and I are very close and neither of us functions well without the other. Where she goes, I go. I go in the car, on the train anything as long as we’re together. Unlike most of my breed I don’t dislike strangers. I’ll say hello to anyone, anywhere and am always willing to add those I really like to my extended pack. My human mum says it’s a real shame I can’t have puppies as I have such a wonderful temperament, but I guess that’s life.